I Cried On My Birthday Abhinav B.

Chapter: University June 6th, 2017 First day at the university. A milestone in a person’s life, very strategically placed between years of school and a lifetime of cubicle. In all probability, I’m sure, when we announced the decision to go to a university, at least one person would have handed us out the treacherous blueprint... Continue Reading →

it calms me

  picture sourced from : https://instagram.com/humanlovers?igshid=pc1h5j09j5jg // one eveningshe smiledand it calmed me her smileone of those rarestwhich have the power to change you from withinthat smile calms me our imperfect soulsand our magnetic perfectionit calms me the glint of her teasing dark eyesher twin dimplesit calms me the holding her tightthe feeling so rightit... Continue Reading →

The Airport

“I like to sit at the airport since I was a child. I like to see people reunite. I like to see people run into each other. I like the kissing and crying. Meeting strangers, looking around to see how almost everyone is carrying themselves with some unnatural calm. I like the impatience, the stories... Continue Reading →

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